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How to stop living paycheck to paycheck

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No one has to tell you that living paycheck to paycheck places unwanted stress on your household. This financial burden can happen for making less money than you spend or spending more money than you save. For some people, it might only take a small short term loan to place you on the right track and give you the boost you need to get out of a mess. For others, these five tips below may be just what you need to help you break the cycle and stop living paycheck to paycheck.


5 Tips to Improve Your Financial Situation


1. Learn to pay yourself.

It’s all about automation and how it can help you succeed. When you get paid, devote at least 10 percent of what you make to a savings account. Place this money in your account right away, and pretend that you never earned it. If you do this each time you bring home a paycheck, it’ll add up over time and you’ll have peace of mind knowing you are taking a step in the right direction.


2. Cut costs as soon as possible.

Do you really need the movie package from your cable company? Do you have to eat out again this week? By reducing your cable to the basic package or by bringing your leftovers to work, you can not only cut out unnecessary expenses, but you can also fast track your ability to save money and be one step closer to a financially free future.


3. Live below your means.

Stop buying name brand products. Instead, opt for generic foods from the grocery store and score great quality jeans or slacks at discount shops. You’ll save more money this way and have it to use for more meaningful purchases, such as a house or a new car, when you’re ready to buy in the future.


4. Develop good spending habits.

Should you pay off your credit card debt or buy that new jacket? Creating a budget will help you decide which purchase is a higher priority this month. Budgets can also help you tell your money where to go instead of looking back and wondering where it all went. Once your figure out how to allocate your funds, it can keep you from living week to week because of bad spending decisions.


5. Create an emergency fund.

After you’ve paid yourself first and spent money on bills and necessities, place some money in an emergency account. Even if you’re only left with $100 spending money, by putting $10 or $20 in a separate emergency fund each paycheck, after a while your nest egg could grow to be just enough to pay cash for a car repair when the time comes, a high power bill in the winter, or another unexpected expense. Preparing for those unexpected situations with a nest egg will keep you from having to spend an entire paycheck later in an emergency and bring you peace of mind.


Living paycheck to paycheck doesn’t feel good and only worsens as you get older and have even more responsibilities. With a little bit of discipline and by following the tips in this article, you can be successful at saving money and improving your financial future. If you do find yourself with a cash emergency, Quik Pawn Shop can help with a pawn loan to get you out of the negative right away or if you’d like a personal loan to fund an investment, ask about their loan options. For more information about any of these loan opportunities, visit quikpawnshop.com or call 1-855-402-PAWN (7296) to learn more


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Tags: Financial Tips, Money saving tips

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