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Is it legal to buy a gun from an individual?

Because there are thousands of gun regulations surrounding the buying, selling, carrying, and even using guns, it’s no wonder why you may be asking yourself, “Is it legal to buy a gun from...

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Do pawn shops keep a record of my personal information?

Ever wonder "is my information safe at a pawn shop"?

People have been using local pawn shops for years to trade their items in for cash. You bring in your stuff and you could walk out with a pawn...

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Is it legal to sell a firearm to an individual?

As you may have guessed, there’s a lot of red tape to cross when stepping foot in the gun world. Despite what one may hope, buying or selling a firearm isn’t a simple transaction. There are several...

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How does a pawn shop determine the loan value for my item?

Ever wonder how a pawn shop determines the amount you’ll get for your item? Whether you’re thinking about pawning a small gold ring or a big screen TV, there are several factors that come into play...

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