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How can a pawn shop save me money during back to school shopping?


Back-to-school season is in full swing. And so is the time to check off everything on your back to school shopping list at steal of a deal prices during what has become the nation’s second largest shopping season of the year!


When you have to pay for school supplies, textbooks, uniforms, club dues, tuition, physicals, etc., etc., it becomes crucial to not break the bank on any of these extra expenses so there’s still funds for your other needs. With these 4 tips below, we’ll help you save money on back to school costs so you can kick off the new school year with perhaps the biggest worry conquered!

  • Sell Your School Supplies From Prior Years. Did your child grow out of the old calculator they used last year? Need something more up to date? Bring the old one to your local pawn shop to see what they will give you for it. While you’re there, you may find the newer calculator you needed already on the shelf for a great price.  You could also invite friends and family over and organize a swap to trade book bags, school uniforms, supplies and more! This is a great way to come up with items you can keep or sell outright for extra cash. You’d be surprised by how many items people close to you may have that are still in good and reusable condition.
  • Musical Instruments. Pawn shops are stocked full of different musical instruments for band. All are gently used and in good condition as they have to be when taken in as a pawn or bought outright. These instruments are sold at a fraction of retail prices – and we all know retail price on a musical instrument can be very expensive!
  • Postpone Shopping to Tax Free Weekend. Every state hosts a tax free weekend around this time of year where you can snag awesome deals on electronics, clothes, and school supplies for back to school shopping. Note that in Alabama, tax free weekend will now come two weeks earlier this year on Friday, July 21 – 23, 2017.
  • Opt for Pre-Owned Laptops (and other merchandise) at Pawn Shops. If a laptop, printers, mini fridge, or sporting equipment is on your back to school shopping list this year, pawn shops are a great alternative to still get quality merchandise at a fraction of the cost. Quik Pawn Shop in Alabama even offers a Product Protection Plan on merchandise for up to 12 months of worry-free protection!

These are just few ways pawn shops can save you money during back to school shopping. Instead of having your place cluttered with stuff you no longer use or want, bring it in to Quik Pawn shop today and get paid top dollar.


For more ways to come up with cash for back to school, check out these Four Easy Ways to Walk Out With Cash at QUIK Pawn Shop! Ready to buy, pawn, sell, or borrow? Get started by giving us a call at 855-402-PAWN (7296) or click here to find the Quik Pawn Shop nearest you!


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