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How does a pawn loan work?


Got some jewelry, a laptop, or a lawn mower laying around the house that you want to keep, but need to temporarily trade in for some quick cash? Are you a first-timer when it comes to doing a...

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How long does a pawn shop have to hold items?


Let’s face it. Nothing is more upsetting than pawning your items and missing the deadline to repay your loan and pick them up. Or better yet, what if you sold your item to the pawn shop but had...

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How does a pawn shop determine the loan value for my item?

Ever wonder how a pawn shop determines the amount you’ll get for your item? Whether you’re thinking about pawning a small gold ring or a big screen TV, there are several factors that come into...

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5 things you didn’t know you could trade in for cash at a pawn shop

Looking for ways to drum up extra cash after the holidays? Well, here are 5 things you probably didn’t know you could trade in at Quik Pawn to make a quick buck so you can bounce back after...

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