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How long does a pawn shop have to hold items?


Let’s face it. Nothing is more upsetting than pawning your items and missing the deadline to repay your loan and pick them up. Or better yet, what if you sold your item to the pawn shop but had...

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How do you get the most money for your pawned item?


Ever wonder how a pawn shop determines the amount you’ll get for your item? Whether you’re bringing in a motor bike or a diamond ring, there are several factors that come into play when...

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How to get more bucks for your stuff: jewelry edition

Unexpected expenses caught you off guard? I’m sure many of us have experienced a time in our lives when we needed to scrap up some extra cash – and quick! The good news is, there are several ways...

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How to make extra cash fast!

No matter how well one knows how to budget, sometimes making extra money can come in handy– either to splurge on a nice vacation, replace a dryer that went out, or maybe just catching up on bills.

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